Affiliate Marketing Dominator

Affiliate Marketing Dominator is a product and a system which helps you with the following tasks: 

  • Find and filter the best converting and affiliate products and offers.
  • Automate the creation and publishing of SEO optimized affiliate websites.
  • Rank the websites with the latest step-by-step ranking guide.

Why I choose Affiliate Marketing as my top model for making profit?

In the past 10 years I’ve been working as a digital marketer through many models. I did website design and optimization for clients, Facebook & social media marketing, I’ve built my own Shopify stores and Woocommerce stores, and I’ve promoted other people’s products through affiliate marketing.
I now focus mainly on affiliate marketing, because is the ‘cleanest’ way of making money online.
When compared to other popular digital marketing models, such as dropshipping or e-commerce, it clearly has so many benefits that it is an obvious best choice. And it is just excellent for beginners who are entering the market with low or even no budget.
The least amount of work and the best earnings came from affiliate marketing.
Let me just clearly show you a few obvious benefits in a comparison table:

Affiliate Marketing

  • Numerous new daily offers in all niches.
  • It’s easy to set-up an Affiliate website.
  • No invoices, receipts, no accounting needed.
  • No customer support needed.
  • Just clean cash to your account, no hassle.

E-commerce & Dropshipping

  • Hard to find niches or micro-niches.
  • Lots of work to set up a Web-store website.
  • Invoices, payment processors, taxes, etc.
  • Customer support, refunds, complaints, etc.
  • Lots of hassle to get to the point of earning.
Don’t get this wrong, success can be made with either model – Affiliate or Dropshipping.
However, working on both sides of equation, I can tell you from experience that affiliate marketing is a much easier starting point for a newbie. And it is much more rewarding from the very start. It requires less work, less investment, and it is much easier to hit and cash on a winning product.

The best approach to Affiliate Marketing

Within any digital marketing model there are many ways you can go by. The same goes for affiliate marketing.
What I like to do is I select the products and offers with best potential and test them out in matter of only a few days. Sometimes I will hit a gold mine, but also many times offers will not show to be so profitable. It is a hit and miss strategy, but when you hit the right offer and get the sales number right, it pays off big time.
Affiliate marketing allows you to almost immediately advertise and test your promoted products and check their potential. All you need is a simple website, a blog, a funnel or simply just a single squeeze page.
Once you’ve created a landing, you can simply use social media to drive the traffic and check the offer potential and profitability.
But with my strategy I have made a step further. I’ve actually created a blueprint, a step-by-step list of tasks, which assist me to create and rank affiliate websites which in turn provide a long-term recurring revenue with no cost for advertising.

Steps of my own strategy

The core of my strategy is to set up a separate website for each product I promote. This can be a review site, info site, news & tips site, etc.
Next, I rank the website on google for my selected product related keywords. Once the traffic starts hitting my site, there will be click-troughs and there will be sales.
Furthermore, because I drive traffic through search, there are no costs of advertising and the conversions are even better as with paid promotions.
In addition, as long as the site is listed on top of the search positions, the campaign will be live and it will generate profit.
For example, once I made a site while on vacation (took me a week to make it on blogger), and then I just completely neglected it. But in the next 1.5 years the site generated $18.000 profit with $200 per-sale revenue. No additional work or funds invested, I just let it sit and I harvested the profits as until the affiliate offer was closed.
Now if you hit such a spot with 2-3 offers per month, which in turn generate $10.000 per year each, you can make from $200.000 to $300.000 yearly – and that’s with no additional work.
Sounds easy, right?
Well, not so fast. If it would be so easy, everybody would be doing it. So why aren’t they?
It took me quite some time and lots of knowledge to establish and polish my existing model. There are steps to be taken in order to expedite the procedure and optimize the chances for success.

Step 1 – Finding the offers to promote

The first step you need to take is to find the affiliate offers and programs which have high potential to be successful within the existing model of promotion.
What does this mean?
First of all, we are looking for offers with higher conversions, higher revenue share and preferably recurring (re-billing) offers. This way you can profit more or even multiple times from the same customer.
At the same time, there has to be some search traffic (and competition) in the niche you are promoting. But there also have to be ‘holes’ in sense of untapped keywords, which you can use to generate traffic to your site(s) on search engines.
If you decide to buy my system, I make it very easy and clear with full video instructions about how to find such opportunities with utmost precision.
You will learn which affiliate networks to search, how to find the best offers and how to do a keyword research for your selected offers. You will also learn how to approach audience in different niches and transform them into converting clients.

Step 2 – Setting up SEO optimized affiliate website

The next step is setting up a website for your selected offer. This part can present a problem for someone who has never built a website before. But with my strategy this is the part that can’t be avoided.
We know that setting up a SEO optimized site with the goal of ranking on search engines can be a long process.
Automating this process is where I’ve put the most of my work in.
Basically at the core of my offer is a system which allows you to build complete SEO optimized websites for your selected affiliate product in matter of few days. One after another.
The system includes content creation, copy-writing, images, video creation, og schema, JSON-LD, analytics and g-tags, design adaptation, etc, where big part of the process is automated. It is all super-optimized in sense on on-site SEO for ranking potential, and the content is oriented towards conversions. But the best trick is that each site you set up is very unique and the process can be repeated over and over with no extra costs.
Basically you download and deploy the website to your hosting and then change the parameters in the back-end to personalize each site. You have to replace some images, and fill-in specific affiliate product related content, and optionally change the design parameters. But that’s it.
Nevertheless, there are steps to follow presented in a very elaborate way in written and in video.
It might take up to 3 days for an inexperienced user to complete a site. But when you go through the process a few times you will be able to set up a new and complete affiliate website each and every day.
I have to mention here that there are services which will build such a site for you, but the cost of each site exceeds $1.000,00. With my system you have to do some work on your own, but you get to build unlimited number of sites for only $399,00.

Step 3 – Branding

We are competing for a good search engine ranking position. And we know Google loves good websites and yes, it does prioritize branded websites.
So what makes a website a brand?
A brand is created by its presence on social media websites, inside website listings and directories and various profiles. A branding process is already a part of the off-site SEO optimization, also known as backlinking.
The branding part requires that the page has a presence on at least the following networks:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIN
  4. Pinterest
  5. Google+

Furthermore it is desirable to create profiles also on websites such as:

  1. Youtube
  2. Tumblr
  3. Instagram
  4. Soundcloud
  5. Reddit
  6. Forsquare
  7. Myspace
  8. StumbleUpon
  9. Flickr
  10. Kiwibox
  11. Delicious
  12. Viadeo
  13. Livejournal
  14.  Digg
  15.  Folkd

My full system includes access to updated lists of best social media sites listed by high Domain Authority (DA) and Domain Rank (DR) to give your sites the strong push on google search engine.

Step 4 – Off-page SEO (Backlinking)

The real pain starts here.
However, if the first three steps were done correctly, you can find yourself sitting on top of first 3 results in google for your targeted keyword without the need for this step to be taken at all. And most of the times it’s enough to generate daily profit.
However, where there’s money the competition will kick-in. Which in your case is good. If we have already a well-established site on top of Google search, we just need to back it up here and there by adding some juicy links to it.
Again, there are countless methods of backlinking, some more and others less effective.
But the best way is to acquire good links (contextual, high PR, high DR, high DA) with as little or no investment at all. We have to throw in just as much as is needed to sit on top of competition.
And with extra on-page SEO optimized website with branded presence it is quite simple to outrank the competitors with their poorly created affiliate marketing sites. Based on experience there are very few cases where extensive or costly backlinking strategies would be needed.
Now, I am a backlink mole. My favorite job is spying on competition and checking their websites backlink structure to dig out some gold nuggets.
If you decide to buy my system you will have access to the list of sites where you can get high authority do-follow backlinks for free. I also included information about how to get free links from real sites with traffic and lists of best sites to get no-follow links.
Following the proper anchor and keyword diversity, and mix of do-follow and no-follow links from different authority sites it is very easy to position your affiliate site on top three with no cost at all.
Even though that this step might be obsolete, I still like to provide the backlinking lists and instructions to my users as an extra value.
I even have some tricks up my sleeve which are not openly published online, so expect to get at least a $2.000,00 worth of backlinks absolutely for free inside the membership area.

Step 5 – The Extra Candy – My Secret Search Engine Position Boost System

Now this system which I discovered could be sold by itself for the price of $399,00, but I am giving it here as an extra bonus.
Do you believe that you can push your site on search for 5 or more positions on page 1 without any backlinks, social media engagement or bought traffic?
While a few good backlinks (worth $500 or more) will give you a push of 1-2 places on page 1, with this amazing system you can get a much bigger push with no cost at all.
The downside is that it can cost you a little bit of your time.
But if the competition is tight and the money is rolling in, then it is worth to take some time to push your site up with a strategy which is not available to your competitors.
Here I will just show you that it works, and you’ll get the complete tutorial in the members area.

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